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About IntegraSpec Central


In 2002, my son Jeff and I set out to build a spec home  that wasn’t run-of-mill. Far from it! One of our goals, in fact, was to build the most energy-efficient home possible.   

I had heard about Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), but  wanted to know more about them. So, I went to a trade  show to do some investigating. What I discovered about the IntegraSpec ICFs completely blew me away.  

They were (and still are!) the most versatile ICF block on the market, hands down. That, combined with their ease  of use, little-to-no amount of waste, and promise of durability and energy-efficiency, led me to choose IntegraSpec ICF for our project. It also led me to establish IntegraSpecCentral and become the IntegraSpec ICF distributor in   the St. Cloud, Twin Cities, and Southern Minnesota markets.  

They rest, as they say, is history.

Jack Mueller 

Founder and President 

About IntegraSpec


Phil-Insul Corporation (PIC) / IntegraSpec®has been created with the input of structural engineers, computer assisted design, and more than 75 years of field experience in residential/commercial concrete forms and the general construction industry. PIC has developed the IntegraSpec® insulating  concrete form (ICF)/building system to address and eliminate the problems that most ICF systems encounter: blowouts, form unit flotation and bulging, wall compression, wavy walls.It has also been designed to dramatically reduce waste, setup/bracing and labour costs, shipping costs and delivery date(s).IntegraSpec®'s quality and performance give the builder(s) the edge in delivering a higher end finished product/result  while also increasing their profits on large or small projects and in all markets: low-rise & multilevel commercial, industrial, institutional, retrofit and residential construction.

The IntegraSpec® system consists of stay-in-place expanded polystyrene form units suited for low-rise & multilevel                      commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction. IntegraSpec® form units are simply interlocked in courses with quick snap in rebar placement. After the rapid block set up and simple alignment, concrete is poured. The resultingmonolithic solid wall structure is complete and ready for exterior/interior finish. IntegraSpec® integrates quick and easy form work, structure, insulation, studs/strapping, vapor/air barriers, into one cost and time efficient building system.

IntegraSpec® quality and performance means:


 A patented, state of the art building system resulting                          from the combination of on-site experience and field evaluation with professional engineering and computer design.


Manufactured for PIC's own account and under license by North America's largest, highest quality and most technically  advanced expanded polystyrene molders.  

Concrete Pour

IntegraSpec® is compatible with most ICF alignment                          and scaffolding systems. Stay-in-place form unit flotation/compression and concrete blowouts eliminated by patented interlocking system.  

After Pour

Perfectly straight, flat, true walls. Form unit bulging eliminated by patented panel design. Super insulated thermal wall structure is ready for any exterior/interior finishing material.  

Finished Building

A far superior, stronger, durable and better insulated/thermal  building envelope. Quicker and less costly to build than comparable alternative can provide. Quiet, comfortable, environmentally friendly, safe with substantial energy saving. 


PIC's IntegraSpec® distribution, technical and site                        support policies give quality assurance to its customer. 

 Insulated concrete has always had the potential to decrease construction cost and time, provide outstanding monthly heating/cooling and mechanical systems savings, give superior sound and fire resistance,  and lessen operating/maintenance costs. IntegraSpec® insulating concrete forms (ICF)/building system delivers on those principles with increased quality, performance, integrity, profitability and satisfaction.